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AMSOIL....Oil Analysis Services

Oil Analyzers Inc Lab O IL ANALYSIS ENABLES maintenance personnel to evaluate motor oil service life and engine condition and save significantly on downtime, equipment repair and oil-related costs.

Oil Analyzers, Inc. puts technologically advanced testing equipment in the hands of experienced diagnosticians.

Accurate, reliable Oil Analyzers, Inc. findings may be used to reduce equipment replacements and repairs, reduce the volume of lubricants purchased and destined for disposal and reduce equipment downtime.

Oil Analyzers, Inc. tuns out same-day reports by fax or phone when requested or when a time-sensitive problem has been detected. Reports are normally turned around in two days.

Oil Analyzers, Inc. kits include everything required for analysis: sample gathering materials, sample testing and return postage.

Oil Analyzers, Inc. offers a 27 percent quantity discount over the single kit price on orders of 100 or more kits.

Oil analysis is essential for any cost-effective over the road trucking program. Extending oil drains can reduce the amount of time that a vehicle needs to be in the shop for maintenance. Oil Analyzers makes it possible to determine effective drain intervals that do not risk damage to your equipment. As any fleet operator understands, saving a few pennies a mile on maintenance costs can add up very quickly, saving thousands of dollars per year.

Construction and heavy duty machine applications work under tough conditions, putting lots of stress on lubricants. Keeping machinery operating is essential, as equipment downtime can result in huge losses and project delays. Our oil analysis program will keep detailed records of how equipment is operating, greatly reducing the possibility of downtime.

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These oil sampling kits include complete analysis and pre-paid postage both ways.

  • G-1451, 1 Oil Sample Kit
  • G-1454, 50 Oil Sample Kits
  • G-1455, 100 Oil Sample Kits

If you do not need pre-paid postage, order from this menu.

  • G-1318, 1 Oil Sample Kit
  • G-1321, 50 Oil Sample Kits
  • G-1322, 100 Oil Sample Kits
Oil Sample Accessories
  • G-1206, Oil Suction Pump (10ft Hose)
  • G-1571, Replacement Hose (25ft)

For pricing information:
  • Go to the AMSOIL online store by clicking the green button below, click on the "Enter Store" button and follow the menu.
  • Email me at Pricing Information.
  • Fax me at 270-522-0512.

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