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AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Multi-Purpose Grease

AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease Multi-Purpose NLGI No. 2 GC-LB
Extreme Pressure Fortified (Product Code GLC)

Multi-Purpose NLGI No. 1 GC-LB
Extreme Pressure Fortified (Product Code GLB)

Multi-Purpose NLGI No. 0
Extreme Pressure Fortified (Product Code GLA)

A MSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Multi-Purpose Grease (GLC) is formulated specifically to protect high-speed/high-temperature components such as automotive wheel bearings and electric motors.

GLC is also excellent for use in plants, such as plastic processing plants, in which equipment runs at high temperatures and high speeds for prolonged periods. GLC reduces friction so effectively, components run up to 50 deg. F cooler and significantly more efficiently with it than they do with conventional greases. GLC's outstanding oxidation resistance (critical to high temperature performance) keeps components running clean and trouble-free for outstanding performance and long life.

GLC pumps easily at low temperatures for dependable cold temperature protection and its low temperature pumpability also makes the grease ideal for use in automatic greasing systems.

In fact, GLC protects over such a broad temperature range, it may be used in place of separate high-temperature and low-temperature greases.

GLC protects components from metal-to-metal contact even under heavy loads. Its extreme pressure additives form a shield against sustained or sudden extreme loads for dependable protection against wear. GLC forms a tough barrier against water so surfaces remain protected even when operating in standing gwater or water spray. GLC seals surfaces from rust and chemically fights corrosion to ensure ongoing surface integrity. GLC is also available in a spray formulation packaged in 10.5% oz. aerosol canisters.

AMSOIL Product Code GLB and GLA is the same great synthetic base oil, lithium complex thickener, extreme pressure agents and oxidation- and rust-inhibitor additive systems found in all AMSOIL synthetic lithium-complex greases. The difference is less thickener which gives them lower consistency grades for greater pumpability and cold temperature mobility. Soft greases such as these are preferred for gearbox applications (where recommended by equipment manufacturer) and for automated pumping equipment. Soft greases also have good low temperature torque values, which make them excellent for cold temperature applications.

Technical Specifications Chart

  • GLCTB-EA, 8-oz tube
  • GLCTB-CA, (12) 8-oz tubes
  • GLCCR-EA, 14-oz cartridge
  • GLCCR-CA, (10) 14-oz cartridges
  • GLCCR-PK, (40) 14-oz cartridges
  • GLC35-EA, 35-lb lug
  • GLC99-EA, 120-lb keg
  • GLC40-EA, 400-lb drum
  • GLBCR-EA, 14-oz cartridge
  • GLBCR-CA, (10) 14-oz cartridges
  • GLBCR-PK, (40) 14-oz cartridges
  • GLB35-EA, 35-lb lug
  • GLB99-EA, 120-lb keg
  • GLB40-EA, 400-lb drum
  • GLA35-EA, 35-lb lug
  • GLA99-EA, 120-lb keg
  • GLA40-EA, 400-lb drum

(no cartridge sizes available for grade NLGI #0)

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