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AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease

Product Code: GWR

AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease Multi-Purpose NLGI No. 1-1/2 GC-LB
Extreme Pressure Fortified

A MSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Lithium Complex Grease (GWR) is an extreme-pressure multi-purpose grease formulated specially for wet-duty performance. Its water washout and sprayoff resistance ideally suit it for use in the wheel bearings of vehicles and trailers frequently exposed to water, mud, snow or ice.

The grease is also excellent for use in plants, such as paper mills, in which machinery undergoes frequent or prolonged exposure to water.

GWR derives its superior wet-duty performance from its peerless cohesiveness and adhesiveness. Because the grease holds together when exposed to water and clings tenaciously to metal surfaces even when wet, GWR provides tough protection against water. Components remain protected during prolonged exposure to standing water or exposure to pressurized water.

GWR protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, both of which may be hastened or worsened by frequent or prolonged water contact. It seals metal surfaces against rust and chemically fights corrosion.

GWR reduces friction effectively, helping high-speed components run cooler than they can with other greases. It resists the damaging effects of high temperatures and oxidation so components stay deposit-free for optimal performance.

Technical Specifications Chart

  • GWRCR-EA, 14-oz cartridge
  • GWRCR-CA, (10) 14-oz cartridges
  • GWRCR-PK, (40) 14-oz cartridges
  • GWR35-EA, 35-lb lug
  • GWR99-EA, 120-lb keg

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